In an information society, documents and data are your currency, where knowledge is power, but everything becomes useless if we can’t find information buried in mountains of paper or in n number of digital and disorganised files when they are required. In order to make your company’s informaton current, accessible and highly secure, it pays to outsource document management to MmThinkBiz. We does all jobs for you such as

Secure Shredding

You can’t afford to take a chance that your documents should go in the wrong hands. Shred-it has a range of desturction services to meet your daily or occasional need to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated documents.

Data backup

We provide the world-class record management services with the best innovative solutions to provide the great customer service in terms of the data backup and security.

Document Imaging

The digital image quality should be accurate (both sides should be scanned, the image is legible.). The scanned image file should be indexed using appropriate metadata and should be stored in a system that can be accessed by authorized party.

Hard Drive Desturction

Due to the technological advancements, things are evolving rapidly. In that case if your old devices are getting outdated but contain the important and most confidential information. Let us help you in shredding them.

Managed Print Services

Start assessing your current state and then we will help you to lower down your costs and optimize your print and document infrastructure.

Back Office Transaction Processing

Cut your processes from weeks down to hours. From insurance claims and debit card swipes to benefits distribution and payroll processing, we streamline nearly every project transaction perfectly.

Enterprise Content Management

Easily Organize, classify and manage documents and data with our cloud and on-premise solution.

Product USP’s

  • Highly secured

  • Use of low space in your cloud, as we save only link of the file

  • Completely integrated, which can be used on any and all platforms

  • Among your 1000’s of documents, we filter clones and upload related files only to enhanced visiblity and control