expense Management


Whatever expenses are drawn by the field employees at a given point of time, by entering it on real time the database gets automatically updated on the server, and the same information can be fetched from the website.

Any type of expense data can be placed by the employee over the website using the mobile application. It can be more useful in following scenarios The expenditure database can also be fetched from the website at any given point of time. It saves a lot of time of the employee who is submitting the bill details and also the billing and account department can easily cross check and verify the information basis the proofs provided by the employee for any specific field work/official tour etc. It is beneficial because of:

Expense Automation

Track, control and report expenses through an automated system.

Detailed reporting

Benefit from our varied reports that provide actionable business intelligence.

Mobile Convenience

Take it with you wherever you go with our app, as it saves time, and Time is Money.

Click it where you go

Now with our unique image capture functionality, it gets easy to track all your expenses and reciepts at one place.


Seamlessley integrate with our ERP, accounting and travel booking solutions. Accessible from almost all kind of platforms and completely mobile and web integrated.


Know your expenses and plan accordingly with our unique detailed and concise expense solutions.

Expense Automation Intelligence= "More Savings"

Make it easy by removing assistance from your workflow and then removes the end to end length paper process.

Cloud Based

Remote service deployment for robust and hassle- free mechanism which further gives immediate cost saving and Rapid implementation software.

Product USP’s

  • Enter your expenses with image upload on real time basis on a complete integrated platform

  • Track approvals and payment status on real time basis

  • Automatic miles calculation, hence immediate cost saving

  • Because it’s cloud-based, our expense manager can integrate with other systems and automatically create a detailed expense report right when the spend occurs, even if it’s for travel and it’s weeks before the trip